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Elderflower Collins

Elderflower Collins

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Step into a world of subtle elegance with Mockery's Elderflower Collins. This 250ml canned delight envelops you in the delicate fragrance and taste of blooming elderflowers, offering a serene escape from the everyday hustle. Go on, make a Mockery of Alcohol and raise a toast to one of the best alcohol-free cocktails that’s ever graced your lips.

No Sneaky Sugars, No Baffling Bits We pride ourselves in keeping it genuine. Our Elderflower Collins doesn’t hide behind added sugars or baffling bits – just an honest, refreshing experience every time you pop a can.

Proudly Vegan, Absolutely Gluten-Free We’ve crafted our drink with everyone in mind. This ethereal mix is not just vegan but also devoid of gluten, ensuring that you can savour the best alcohol-free drinks without a second thought.

A Nod to British Charm Imbued with the charm and poise of British sophistication, our alcohol-free drinks are a tribute to timeless British elegance. With Mockery, every sip is a journey, a dance of traditions and contemporary flair.

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